Sinclair Browning

Crack Shot

When Trade agrees to find a runaway teen in the middle of a blistering Arizona summer she gets more than she bargained for...crooked cops, a community of homeless people and a dubious movie producer.

After witnessing a brutal murder in a detention center, Eddy Gallegos runs for his life. Hot on his trail are a team of cops, a suspicious homeless kid on a bike, and maybe an X-rated movie producer. A dangerous race is on, leading Trade down a deadly path of violence and scandal.

Sinclair Browning writes one of the best voices in the genre today. Mystery News


Often using anecdotes from her own life Sinclair Browning offers tips for living a happy, bold & hopefully long life. paperback and ebook
70 true stories of mothers touching their daughters' lives after death.paperback and e-book
The long awaited sequel to Feathers Brush My Heart. Stories from everyone- spouses, children, family, friends and even dogs! paperback and e-book
Sound advice and stories of how to stay safe with horses e-book
Two short stories from Sinclair Browning featuring her trademark black humor, unforgettable characters and plot twists. e-book
Two dark heart. e-book
DNA frees an innocent exact his revenge. e-book
What if you couldn't go home...and had to make a new life with 5 strangers?e-book
A World War II novel based on a true story e-book
The story of Aravaipa Apache Chief Eskiminzin. paperback
Everyone hates cheerleaders, right? Enough to kill them? paperback
Based on a real hunting club case in 1963. The prey? Black people. paperback
When a May-December romance goes awry, Trade is hired to find the killer. paperback and e-book
A runaway teenager leads Trade on a deadly chase and a run for her life. e-book
Can Terez Montiel be found? Or has she seen too much? e-book

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