Sinclair Browning

Enju: The Life and Struggle of an Apache Chief from the Little Running Water

In 1871 Eskiminzin, chief of the Aravaipa Apaches, was exhausted from running from the U.S. Cavalry and seeing his people starve. He made peace along the San Pedro River with Lt. Royal Whitman of Camp Grant.

A short time later a band of Papago Indians and American settlers attacked the Indian encampment at dawn. Over 100 of the Apaches were slaughtered; only eight were men.

Later working with Indian Agent John Clum, Eskiminzin established a model community of trust and self-determination on Arizona's San Carlos reservation.

Ms. Browning's history of Eskiminzin has a broader value. It has a moral. If the names and places were different, this story could be a lesson for nations and people everywhere trying to live together in peace, with their different cultures, religions, loves, hates and individual personalities. from the Introduction by Morris K. Udall, legendary Arizona Congressman


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