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I've fallen in love with e-books. OK, I know this is heresy for a book writer, but I have a Kindle and I love it. I'm finding that I'm reading more than ever and I love the features of the e-book format - you can make the type larger, place the cursor in front of a word and immediately get the definition, have it read to you while driving, you can make notes, highlight and save passages...not to mention order books and have them delivered wirelessly to you within a minute! All in all pretty darned cool.

If you don't have a Kindle, or other e-book reader, you can download a free Kindle Reader for PC application where you can read a book on your computer that has been formatted like the Kindle which is easier than reading a pdf file. Listen to me, a computer luddite talking about this stuff! You can also go to the Gutenberg Project (gutenberg.org) and download books like Jane Eyre and Little Women for free.

Twelve of my books are now available as e-books. For more information on each of the available e-books, click on the title to the right or order them by clicking on the cover on the left.

The other neat thing about e-books is that they can be inexpensive. With a couple of exceptions, my e-books are priced at only $ 2.99. With low prices, you can buy a lot of books for $20!

With e-books for the first time since I've been writing, the author is actually in control of his or her own material. That means, among other things, we can choose when, how, where we're published, pick our own covers and set our own prices.