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Hi there!

       Thanks for stopping by my website. I'm flattered that you've taken time out of your life to check out my work which includes both fiction and and nonfiction books. 


       My fiction includes 2 historical novels, including my favorite book, America's Best, based on the true story of the Browning family in the Philippines.  In reviewing the book,  Publishers Weekly wrote, "recalls the heroic war fiction of John Toland and Leon Uris."   I've also written the Trade Ellis mystery series, set in Southern Arizona and featuring a PI who is part Apache and all rancher.  My mysteries have been among 5 nationally nominated books for both the Shamus and Barry Awards. Two Cold to Care includes 2 of my short stories, one of which was originally included in an anthology done by Jeffery Deaver.


       My nonfiction includes 2 spiritual books, Feathers Brush My Heart and Feathers Brush My Heart 2, that focus on the afterlife gifts we receive from our lost loved ones to let us know their spirits are happy and well. 


       Reflections on a happy, bold & hopefully long life was a finalist in the personal growth category of the national Indie Excellence Book Awards. This is one of those books that you can open up anywhere and start reading.  It's full of good food for thought, especially if there are things in your life that you'd like to change.  

       Thanks again for stopping by!