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America's Best

In 1941 mining engineer Tom Sullivan, his wife and two small boys have an idyllic life in the Philippines. As war clouds gather, General MacArthur asks Tom to go to Corregidor to help plan the defense there.

When the Japanese hit Luzon right after Pearl Harbor, Ellen and her boys are thrown into Santo Tomas, a civilian POW camp. Tom is caught on Corregidor, lives through the Bataan Death March, is interned in Cabanatuan and eventually winds up on a hell ship bound for Japan.

America's Best follows the lives of an American family shredded by war...Bataan, Corregidor, Cabanatuan, Santo Tomas, the Arisan Maru...it's all here.

This is truly a story of the triumph of the American spirit.

Based on the lives of a true family, a 12 page Afterward details the extensive research that went into this book, some of which includes personal interviews with soldiers who were on the Bataan Death March, who served with Generals MacArthur and Wainwright, along with survivors of the infamous hell ships, unpublished manuscripts, and personal letters smuggled out of Cabanatuan and into Santo Tomas.

Browning’s heartfelt narrative about the efforts of a group of diverse Americans to thwart the Japanese occupation of the Phillippines recalls the heroic war fiction of John Toland and Leon Uris…
Publishers Weekly

As the commander of the 503rd Parachute RCT during the liberation of Corregidor, I am proud to recommend this book. Sinclair Browning has written a gripping account of one of America's gravest conflicts and finest hours. America's Best is a compelling blend of history and suspense that tells what some Americans went through to preserve our freedom. I thank God that we were on the winning end of it...General George M. Jones